Sunday, May 27, 2012

Who Are the Brave?

Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings on Music and the Spoken Word

This weekend is one of those three day weekends that used to mean something different than a chance for no work, going places and having fun. Today is the Sunday part of that weekend and we walked the few blocks to the live broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word held in the Tabernacle at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
We were a little later than usual, not being able to get the mattress off our backs. Not good on a holiday since many people head for this event each Sunday but more on Memorial Day weekend. We were able to get in but our seats were way in the back and behind a post. Seeing isn’t as important as listening especially with the combination of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Tabernacle’s acoustics. Settled in we relaxed as we listened to the rehearsal before the live show began.  Every available seat was taken and doors were shut while the audience hushed and the broadcast began.
This choir is always amazing but to hear them live, with a full orchestra in this building is something you have to experience to believe. Off a bit to the right I noticed a man next to the aisle one row up. He didn’t seem to fit with the mostly well dressed folks in the audience. Even casual dressers are tidy and clean.  I first noticed his hair. It was short but sticking up rather weirdly and I don’t mean fashionably weird but unkempt weird. He had on white socks but they were badly soiled. He kept picking something out of his hair. Ugh, I thought, poking Larry and whispering “I think that is a street person.”  The man next to him, I noticed, was giving him a wide berth, not wanting to get too close. I wondered why they even let him in the door.
I became engrossed in the music and the program whose focus was, To the Fallen Soldiers Let Us Sing. Yet, the man kept rubbing and picking at his head which was distracting. I was glad it wasn’t me who was sitting beside him.  As I watched him I began to feel more compassionately toward him. I said a silent prayer for him because he obviously didn’t have a good life.
The choir’s next number on the program was Who Are the Brave? Tears began to roll out of my eyes. Washing over me was a strong feeling that this soiled, unkempt man was one of the brave!  Silently I wept through the rest of the program and as Larry can tell you, I am not one of those crying woman types. I thought of the many that had gone to war and came home changed forever, physically, mentally, emotionally. The glorious finale of the program was Battle Hymn of the Republic. The man gently waved at the choir.  I grabbed Larry and almost shouted in his ear, “He’s waving at the choir”.
Lloyd Newell, the announcer, asked that those in the audience that had served their country in the armed forces to please stand so they could be acknowledged. The man stood and subtly waved at the choir again.  I thought about how Christ takes us in His arms and wipes away all our tears when we leave this life and I knew He would do that for this man. He would not care that the man was dirty and unkempt and not quite normal.  As the program ended and as we stood up to leave, Larry went over to the man, who was still sitting, shook his hand and said, “Thank you” as did I. The man looked up at us, his face surprisingly young, and said, “You’re welcome.”  It was not just another Memorial Day holiday this year. It was a holy day.

Friday, May 4, 2012

City Creek Center - The Morning of the Opening

It wasn't light yet but getting there. We couldn't resist walking through on our way to work. Opening ceremonies were a little later that morning. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I will tell the story by the images. I had to be quick since we couldn't be late to work but when Kneaders offered us free french toast for being one of their first 100 customers we couldn't resist. Check out the thickness of that toast!

Trying out this new blog is trying my patience. This time it won't let me make this picture the large size??? I guess I will figure it out eventually. Also the text is now centered rather that left justified?
Still trying to adjust to using Blogspot instead of Wordpress. I'm too old for new technology! Ooopps, better not let them hear that at work. They might fire me! Not a chance, maybe make me extend?!

Yeah, two days latter, I did figure out how to get my text left justified so now you see it just highlight the text, go up to the tool bar and click the correct icon and it works. It doesn't work if you don't highlight the text first, unless it is done before the post is started.

Next I have to figure out why the third picture won't let me make it big like the others???? Or change its position. Readers: If you want to see a picture bigger just click on it and it can be viewed full screen. Don't you just love blogging?  Yes, I do despite all its challenges, like why doesn't it always post the article the way I have it arranged on the posting page. Is their a reason it can't be as friendly as Publisher? Larry and I are teaching blogging classes at the FHL right now. Good thing Larry (Elder Cragun) knows what he is doing. I'll get there, I just need to be patient. Of course they, (whoever they are) those techie types will change it just as you get it right so you are wrong again.

OK, back to business. I will post more photos of City Creek so readers can see how great it is. The first week end there must have been 100,000 people there. It wasn't that crowded in the stores but in the outer mall it was wall to wall people. Now that folks have seen the mall court yards, fountains and a river (creek) that runs through it they are into the stores too. The photos below are all (except one) taken very early in the morning before the crowds arrived. None of the stores were open yet.

The curved glass ceiling above opens and shuts. When it is open you don't see it at all. It is something you wouldn't even know exists. Below, this fountain performs to music with the water shooting and swirling to the beat. At night there are times when it shoots fire and water at the same time. I have only seen it do the fire thing one time. The City Creek Center is only a block from our apartment but it is several blocks long with a skybridge to cross the street. I don't shop much but we love to walk through. As I write this Larry (Elder Cragun) has left to bring us home some of that french toast from Kneaders. It is Saturday morning and I am hungry. We get to sleep in. Monday through Friday the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM. Ugh!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

New City Creek Center - Salt Lake City

It has been a long time coming. For years it has been a chaotic mess in downtown Salt Lake City. All except the Temple Square that is, that always stayed beautiful. At first after the demolition it looked like a bomb went off. Then each year as we visited there was the construction everywhere. It was hard to remember what used to be where. It was worth the wait! Now the problem is it is so popular that hoards of folks are coming to take it all in.

At first glance as the construction neared completion, part of the new area was done and
you could get only a peak inside. Visible only was the tantilizing series of entrances
with artistic sculptures showing a hint at the excitement that awaits. This is a shot I took
from the new Deseret Book store at Christmas when the unique and intriguing Gingerbread
Cookie making machine was in their window. I was really focused on the machine but what
I got was a sneak preview of City Creek.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mothers Always Know Best

This shot is from the Hogle Zoo
in SLC. A very nice zoo with a
lot of variety for a small zoo.

It was a cold day when Ashley, Sara, Allie and I made the rounds through the Zoo. I am looking forward to going back when it is warmer but I guess a lot of people feel the same way. It wasn't
crowded when we were there,
that was nice.

Drinking fountains are clever. Kids probably won't mind putting their
 heads here, but Allie and Sara wern't too keen on it this day. I also want to try the Zoo Beastro!

Some of My Favorite People

Favorite people of mine include quite a number of new adorable babies. Londyn was small
when she was first born. I visited her and Mom at the hospital and was afraid to hold her.
Sarah and Londyn 
There are two little ones with
the same name in our family.
Spelled differently, Londyn
and London. They are very
close to the same age. This
should make family get
togethers very interesting.
Things are really interesting
anyway with 37 grand-childen
and a few greats!
They are all great!

I haven't been able to take pictures of the other little London yet, hopefully that will
be accomplished soon. Perhaps I will have to get my pictures of her off of facebook.
This little Londyn is the first girl as she comes to join 3 big brothers who adore her.
The next pictures are her brothers and Mom and Dad.

Dallin graduates from BYU, next onto Bastyr U to become
Dr. Peterson.

The graduation salute!

Chelsea and Savannah. Chelsea is a nurse, her patients are new moms and babies.

 Michael beats the pants
off grandpa

Ethan, I haven't seen you for soooooooooo long!

Ashly and Allie

This post is getting really long and I am just getting started. This blog format is not
real friendly to getting the words in where you want them. Rather frustrating to
say the least. I do now have a picture of the other London. She is a cutie although
I haven't seen her yet. Here she is: London.

Josie and Paige - Cousins 16th birthdays at the top of the
 space needle in Seattle, about 5 years ago, I think! Time goes by so fast.
It seems like yesterday they were babies. Both are now college students,
one in Idaho and one in California.

This post about favorite people is to be continued................................................
Much more to come 

Shayla, photographer, cooking teacher, cool mom extraordinaire. I miss you, being so far away. I recognize that umbrella! It looks just like one I used to have. Below is a picture of
Shayla's whole adorable family.

Debbie, I need a better picture of you. Christy told me you wouldn't like this one I took it at Summer's graduation I think. I don't have access to many of my pictures, they are all in storage. I only have what is in my computer or that I can snag from facebook.

Levi and Louie, Levi is my grandson. He likes Louie, he likes all animals and he has a lot of them. Will he grown up to be a vet like his big brother Jaaron? Time will tell.

My husband Larry, a good and fun person although as you see here he favors rather strange transportation.

Jesse is sixteen, full of fun, talent and abilities. It will be fun to see what he does with his life. Jesse, we owe you your sixteenth birthday dinner when you come to Salt Lake. Where do you want to go? Be thinking.

Below is Baby Briana. She is just a year old and is already a daredevil. Uh Oh, Watch Out!
Here I come.

Greg, Ashley and Jaxon. Jaxon is a live wire and has the cutest platinum blonde hair. 

Charity, is a sweety. We are so glad she is still here after a scary incident. I think she wants to be an archaeologist. You go, Charity!

Mason lives not too far from us now. He has three big sisters to torment. Poor guy.

These are his big sisters, Maddie, Kendelle and Kate. The girls are beautiful, talented and also very nice to be around.

I am still not done with all the pictures of my favorite people.........more to come.